#kwikshop #kroger nasty hot dogs. Told it would be at least 30 min before there were fresh ones. #topeka

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Yes! #startrekbeyond

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N & I took the horses out for a walk. Talking about an exercise plan. #horse #miniaturehorse #minihorse #horses #urbanhomestead

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Fallacies, Fact Checking and Family

At least once a week I’ll read a Facebook or Twitter post by a friend or family member that drives me up the wall. Because it is so bogus, stupid, short sided, insane and wrong. Not just a bit wrong – COMPLETELY WRONG!


A lot of my family and friends are very smart, highly intelligent and rational. Sadly I have a group of other family and friends who are on Facebook, who are just the opposite. These are the ones that just drive me up the wall. It would appear that these people don’t understand the basics of Fact Checking or at least reading with a critical mind.

They often post memes, stories without checking to see if the story or meme is true, partly true or just simply wrong. These people are mostly good hearted, caring people.  They just lack critical thinking…

It is for these people I recommend the following:

The Fact Checker’s Bible: A Guide to Getting It Right

Apple iPhone without a headphone jack? – The 19th Century plug that’s still being used – BBC News

Apple is a game changer for sure, but not having a headphone jack… that sucks. I don’t use earbuds – can’t stand having something wedged in my ears.

I WON’T let G use earbuds as I don’t want her hearing damaged. Earbuds have been linked to hearing loss in children, teens and adults.

I use over the ear headphones. I didn’t pay big bucks for them but they work fine and I like them. Nice simple, 70’s style over the ear headphones. – BEHRINGER HPX6000 by Behringer http://amzn.to/1TPwp6M

It also means companies like PAYPAL and SQUARE will need to make new equipment. Any product that relies on that jack will just be out of luck.

I have a pair of good quality bluetooth over the ear headphones, I guess I need to try to start using them… UGHHHHH…

The 3.5mm jack is a rare example of technology that has stood the test of time, writes Chris Stokel-Walker.

Source: The 19th Century plug that’s still being used – BBC News

*** The Amazon and Square Up – Referral links used in this post are links associated with affiliate programs I participate in. ***


I learned to program – Thanks Mrs. Spriggs – Save 20% on Ozobot

Ozobot – that cute little dome shaped programmable robot – save 20% on them… sorta of.



Buy a Gift Card, which are on sale for 20% off with code ozogift20 – so if you want to buy the Dual Pack Ozobot – get a $100 card – for $80 and then apply the gift card to your purchase. Save you $20 on the $115 Dual Pack.

I’ve had fun playing with one of these little robots and using the OzoBlockly site. Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder said, “I think everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer because it teaches you how to think.”

Ozobot will work with most tablets and does work with laptops, desktops. I’m going to try it out on a Chromebook over the holiday break.

Over at Code.Org I found some of the best resources for learning coding. A long time ago in a school far far away I learned how to program in BASIC on a TRS-80, Commodore Vic-20 and 64. I was a luck child back then and had a great Jedi computer teacher.

Drag and Drop programming offered by OzoBlockly is a good way to get a child, or even an adult like me, in to programing.

*** I received NO compensation, or was given an Ozobot. I did use the ozogift20 discount.

I shouldn’t have bought a Pebble… even though I love it.

True the Pebble 1st generation smartwatch isn’t all that smart. This is one of those times that you don’t need to be a genius to get the job done. I’d read the reviews, pros and cons. I knew the charger cable could come unhooked when bumped. That some people didn’t like the band, that the screen could scratch and the LCD wasn’t the best. But that didn’t stop me.

I purchased my Pebble I did it so that I wouldn’t need to take out my phone as much. When I am driving I like the ability to look at the screen and look who is calling. Either accept or reject the call. Change my music or stop it. Look at the screen and see the time and weather conditions.

I’ve become very attached to it. If I forget to put it back on after a shower, I don’t get very far. It has become part of me and that’s where the problem is. I’ve leaned on it to much, it’s hard to go without it. It fills in the gaps and makes my phone just a bit more useful. In many ways it has become an extension of my life.



This month it started acting up. The screen started showing lines, glitching. Sometimes switching watch faces would clear up the issue. The problem is that now it is happening multiple time a day. Not only does it glitch, but it freezes.

I can’t rely on my Pebble. It is just a dead watch hanging on my wrist. A dead watch that I relied on constantly. It had become a tool that I used to help make my day run smoother. It did what I wanted it to do and that was the best part. Now I’m on the market for a new watch – one that will meet my needs and my budget.

Apple iWatch – OUT. Who wants a watch that needs charged everyday. The least expensive watch would be nearly 4 times what I paid for my Pebble.

I’ve read through the reviews of the Apple iWatch and while it is cool and innovative, I still don’t want to give up my Pebble. Android Wear watches are looking pretty good and I think that they could make me switch.


Dear Pebble – where have you gone? Why has your screen started acting up?

Doing just a bit of Googling I know that this isn’t just an issue I am having. Sadly it’s a common problem. There are various fixes and work arounds. But why should I try to fix the watch? Shouldn’t Pebble have fixed this during the manufacturing process. Everything that I’ve read online makes it clear that the issue is with a small connector that is near the vibration motor. It comes loose and that is why the screen flakes out. Fixes range from putting some sort of wedge under the cover and that will keep it pressed down and stop the issue. Some suggest that you can soak the watch in hot water to make the case expand. (Bad idea.)

I’m going to contact Pebble and see what they’ll do but this should have been fixed. It shouldn’t still be happening.

The new slogan for Pebble Time Round is – Still a watch. Just smarter. – is it manufacturing any better? I’m hoping that Pebble will stand by their product, but it seems that they aren’t very good at insuring the manufacturing process has fixed the problems with the LCD.

Pebble – do you stand behind your products?

Blogo 2 – Native WordPress editing to Mac OS X – Review

I don’t always have time to blog or share things I’d like to talk about, but when I do I want it to be as easy and painless as possible. WordPress makes blogging possible, somewhat easier but not painless.

I can’t post an blog entry without an internet connection. I can take notes, type out the body of the post and then cut and paste it later. Which is a pain and it doesn’t always go as planned. Formatting sometimes doesn’t transfer, photos don’t stay where you put them. Which all means that I need to get online and make the corrections.

What I wanted was a way to blog on my desktop or laptop without an internet connection. I’ve looked at several options and most fell very short of my goal. The features didn’t meat my needs or they weren’t being updated and supported.

Blogo was high on the list. It allows multiple blogs, access to old post and pages, has extensions for that allow Safari and Chrome to send quotes, images, links and embed video from various sites directly in to your blog post. (Don’t worry Firefox and Opera – you’ve got extensions coming your way.)

Blogo doesn’t allow you to upload a video directly from your computer to your site but does allow you to embed or link to a video from various services. Dailymotion, Vine, Instagram, YouTube and Vimeo are usable through the extension. By using these services I’m not using the bandwidth or storage allowed to my hosting account. Most of these services allow videos to be Unlisted. YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion all have some way for you to monetize your videos.

Images are easy to insert, but I haven’t found a way to set the image alignment. Bummer – an oversight? But why? Perhaps they are working on it, but that should have been a basic feature. (Update – I did find it, but it doesn’t work well. The content menu shows up briefly but doesn’t fit on the screen.)

Blogo has an interface which is easy on the eyes. Icons are simple and easy to understand. I did start using it without watching the tutorials or reading the help docs. I did check out a few of my questions after I’d started using it.

With the live preview – you can check and see how it will look before you go live. You can use a generic template or a live template from you site to view the preview.

Would I suggest it to a friend? Yes. Does it make the world a better and safer blogging world? No, but a bit easier. On a scale of 1-10 I’d give it a strong 8. With a few tweaks Blogo is on it’s way to a 10.

Blogo video.

Note – I was not paid by Blogo or compensated by Blogo for this post.

Kansas City Renaissance Festival – It’s over!

The season has come to an end. The knights have put away their swords, the maidens have put up their corsets and the King and Queen have retired until next season.

Dr. H. Dumpe L.B.P

Dr. H. Dumpe L.B.P

The Fire Eater has extinguished his torches. Until next year.

Not a big ride but getting back on the bike. Starting sloe. #bicycling #recumbentbike #weightloss

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