Leaking dishwasher – regressing potty trained child

This past week has been a bit of a pain.  Our little 3.9 year old, has suddenly regressed when it comes to potty training.  She has been wearing big girl underwear for over 8 months.  Our dishwasher has started leaking. I know which is worse.  No biggie, I’ll just get the dishwaser fixed.

When I have asked our dearist daughter what is going on and why she is having accidents. – She says I Not again... didn’t need to go or I was busy.  It is a bit stressing, more laundry, mopping the floor and changing her bed… again – 2 times in 18 hours.  I know it isn’t her fault but it is hard to keep a smile on your face while cleaning up pee.  I’ve had her start helping and it seems to have help a bit. Today we’ve only had 2 accidents and that is better than yesterday, 6 in about 3 hours.

It becomes harder and harder to find something to say that isn’t negative or could sound like I am mad.  Which I am mad, but I need to find a way to say things in a positive constructive manner.

Instead of saying “This makes me mad, stop it.” I say “Honey, this is disappointing and I’m not sure what to do.  What do you think?”  I’ve read on About.Com several conflicting suggestions. Put her back in diapers, don’t put her back in diapers, let her run around without pants or a diaper. (Sure, if that person wants to clean my house it sounds fine) . Use a timer, which we are doing, help her understand when she might go.

Really the dishwasher is a bit of a pain also.  Potty training regressions – ughhh…

Anyone else have a few cents they’d like to put in?  I’ve known 3 people who swear by the elimination communication potty method.  Hmmm… No.  I also know a person who had a brand new house built, but went with wood floors throughout until she’d finished having children and they were all potty trained.  Why? She had them run around with no bottoms – swore by it.  I trust her, she’s a member of the LDS church and I don’t think she’d lie, but I do think she was a bit nuts.

Starting over on the potty training is a nightmare… I just hope this is a bump in the road.  Now on to that dishwasher!