.XXX – oh ya baby – more money and censorship!

.XXX Domain – I agree totally that the issue is money and the First Amendment (pre-censorship).

I’m clearly a bit of a whack job when it come to the First Amendment.  I see any attempt to alter or redefine what it says as an attack on the XXX - Tools or for Fools?rights of all.  Yes, I know people have different views on this.  That is what it is all about.

If I don’t like someones view point on the net, the site, their blog or even them then I don’t have to interact with them.  I can block, close or otherwise ignore them.  I often do.  What I will not do is say that they can’t speak, I may personally voice opposition to their speech.  I won’t pre-censor.

It isn’t the right road to take, start pre-censoring and you’ve opened up a can of worms you’ll never close.

Where I live we have a ‘church’ (cult) that goes around a pickets at funerals, have protest signs that could be considered offensive and they make a point of targeting funerals of high profile people, soldiers and do so in a way that is again considered offensive by some.

Would I like to see a law in place to stop their protest. *NO*, but I do think that the current restrictions that are in place have merit.  Here they are limited to time, place and distance, which I feel is right up to the line of pre-censorship. 

The .XXX domain is optional, and the reasons for it’s existence are clearly monetary and an attempt to pre-censor speech.

Yes, yes. I know what about the children. What about protecting them? They shouldn’t be able to access sites are pornographic. This just gives parents tools they can use. Wow… It isn’t going to have that much of an impact at controlling children’s access to .XXX site.  .Com sites will still exist, adult entertainment will still be on Starz, Showtime, HBO, Netflix Skinamax (Cinemax) and on and on.

Parents have had access to V-Chip technology in all US sold TV’s since 2000.  What affect has it had?  Does V-Chip work? Polls and studies indicate that the V-Chip is seldom used by parents, nor do they use the blocking tools available on most cable systems.

Will the .XXX domain provide parents tools to restrict access to what is considered harmful?  Yes, will they use it? No.

What real affect will the .XXX domain have – nearly none when it comes to providing a safer environment for children to use the internet, unless parents take a proactive stance.

It boils down to money and pre-censorship.


(Graphic from: http://beartoons.com )


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