2011, 1984 and fields of Wheat – our spying governments- oblivious sheep like citizens.

Have we really seen the end of personal freedom and privacy?  Here in the United States we don’t have an offical governmental secrets act.  That’s right. Our government does not have a policy that lets them just flag something as secret, but our government use executive privilege and national security card.

How long before internet wiretapping – easedropping becomes common place?  How long before Spy?citizens of free countries, (I use the term free very liberally.) just don’t care?  I feel that US citizen have grown very comfortable with their lives and in doing so have willing allowed their freedoms to be eroded. We’ve been willing to make trade offs for the perception of safety.

Do I feel any safer since 9/11 based on the actions my government has taken? No, I wasn’t concerned then, nor am I now.  Why?  I live in the middle of the country, no persons land.  What is there here to attack?

Do I feel more uncomfortable/scared about the power the US government is amassing in the name of safety and national defense? YES! Without a seconded of hesitation.

I can’t prove it, nor do I want to prove it.  I kinda like living in my mid-west safety zone.  Corn and wheat my walls of safety.  Yes, I do remember Oklahoma city and the federal building, a homegrown terrorist. I just am not comfortable saying listen to my phone, copy, read, crunch and digest my emails, check my browsing habits and while you are at it let me give you my library card number.

I am realistic – it is happening – Canadians are trying to keep it above ground so there can be some checks and balances.

I just don’t want to know.  I’m going to go lay down in a nice field of wheat and be oblivious now.


Canadians Fight Government Proposal to Spy on Private Internet Use | OpenMedia.ca

As Parliament prepares to resume Canadians launch three online videos to let Canadians know about the government’s plan. Proposed bill will allow authorities to access private information of any Canadian, at any time, without a warrant. September 15, 2011 – OpenMedia.ca just launched three PSA-style videos as part of a citizen-led public education campaign to raise awareness about impending electronic surveillance laws. The Conservative government is putting the finishing touches on a set of bills that will force every phone and Internet provider to surrender Canadians’ personal information to “authorities,” without a warrant. In a recent survey, 8 out of 10 Canadians were opposed to the legislation.

Is 2013 the Year Europe Cracks Down on Google’s Privacy Violations?

Europe data regulators have apparently had it with Google.
…European government data agencies announced this week that they were going to launch new enforcement actions against Google over violations of European privacy law.



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