ABC Charlie’s Angles Fails have Wings

Remakes have a lot to standup against. Some fall short and some don’t.  

Right now I’m looking at a high cliff and Charlie’s Angles is right on the edge.  I remember the original Angles and this one doesn’t have the right feel.  The actresses don’t seem comfortable in their roles and are still learning how to hand those roles.

Handing woman a pistol, sexy dress and a case to solve doesn’t make them an Angle.  It does make them screen candy but now that is where it stops. Drew Barrymore as one of the producers doesn’t guarantee it is going to be a hit  I’ll give it a couple more chances but I don’t see it have wings to continue.

I know Barrymore has a vested interest as the producer and it would also appear she was given some advertising deal.  The first three commercial breaks included commercials featuring Barrymore.

The new Charlie’s Angels is going to have a Devil of a time living up to the Classic.  

ABC needs to quit dreaming, give the actress a bit more training on handling weapons, driving and perhaps even some acting lessons.  Bosley is to young, doesn’t feel right.  He needs to be a bit older and more fatherly.

I’m willing to give it a bit more time, but I’m not pinning my hopes on it.  I simply don’t think it has a prayer.


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