Google + 1 is just stupid – or is it? #hashtags can say a lot, sharing says more.

+1 is stupid - or is it.
+1 is stupid - or is it.

Yes, there are times that I will + 1 post and nothing more. I won’t share it, nor do I comment. I’m directing this at me as well as you.

I you like what I’m saying go ahead and +1 it, but either comment or share. It is nice to see that +1, but after a while that is all it is, nice.  I want interaction with you! I want you to tell me why it is a +1 to you, give me a little comment – tell me what that +1 means!  I see a +1 as a ME TOOOO. Let’s not go there.

Social networks are about connections, sharing, communicating with people from all over and just +1’ing post isn’t connecting.

I you +1 a post I’ve said, then pass it on.  Even if you don’t comment that “Share” link is just to the side of the +1 – doesn’t take that much more to share it.  I am happy to see people share the post without comments, it says “Hey look at this post, I can connect to it, it says something I agree with and it was worth my time to pass it along, so check it out.”  Sure a +1 says – I’m not sure what it says.

I’ll often share a post without that comment – because I feel it is worth other people reading and I don’t want it to get buried. Now that #hastags are working in Google + (being rolled out) a #hashtag can be a great addition to a post.

Now if you’d rather not +1 a post say it doesn’t speak to you, you find it obnoxious, stupid, short-sighted or just infuriating – too damn bad. No not really but again you can be social and not like something. So speak your mind. There are times I was there was a -1 button.  Since there is not one – comment.

Now onward and upward – share and +1, comment and +1. Comment and #hastag or speak your mind.

In the absence of a -1 I’m instuting my #dumbasdirt, #nutjob, #hellya, #TCTofG and #TLGP #hashtags. You’ll need to look for them and if you find them, you’ll get what I think about a post.



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