Rioting moral or criminally stupid? A Kansas point of view…

Old post I hadn’t published but am publishing now.

London’s Burning: Is Bootcamp the Solution? | Psychology Today

London’s Burning: Is Bootcamp the Solution?

Are the London riots a moral or a tribal issue?

We are facing destructive gang violence in London and other English Cities, and in Philadelphia. In the face of this the Prime Minister of Great Britain and the Mayor of Philadelphia chose to lecture the parents of the gang members on “responsibility.” It’s your fault, they said. If you don’t control your children we can’t do it for you. We’ll just have to put you all in jail. Cameron attributed the whole thing to “moral decline” – eerily reminiscent of Jimmy Carter’s 1979 “malaise speech.” When government policy fails, declare the people inadequate.

I’ll start this off by saying straight up, I can’t stand the idea that people were hurt during the riots, that people were impacted financially and that people’s freedoms were restricted.  Having said that I do not think that the riots didn’t have a reason, there is always a reason. I don’t think they were wrong nor do I think they were right.  I’m not likely to say the ends justified the means.

I wasn’t there, I don’t live under the conditions that may have sparked the riots, nor am I likely to live under the next set of conditions.

I live in the United States , a country with massive geographical distances between major population spots.  I don’t feel the impact an earthquake in California or the fires in Texas is having on those living there.  I wasn’t worried about the rains and flooding from Irene.  I don’t see the fear in the eyes of undocumented workers.  I don’t feel what union workers are feeling as state legislators take action.  Nor do I see it from the eyes of the legislators.   I wasn’t even aware that the Twin Towers had been attacked until late in that day.

I live where things like gas prices, cattle, corn and wheat futures are important.  Where soccer dads and moms worry about what to pack for lunch.  ‘Little Joe doesn’t like wheat bread.’  I live in Kansas, protected by the Rocky Mountans to the west, the Great Mississippi to the East, the vastness of northern prairies and southern range lands. It is not just geography that protect me, it a kinda self-imposed isolationism (prison).

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