To Profile Pic or Not that is the question!

I’m not one for profile pictures.  There are a few reasons, but mostly I just don’t like being the subject of a picture.

I’m the one who is generally behind the camera.  The one who is standing off to the side, sees that a picture is about to be Pic or no Pictaken and then turns away at the last minute.  So does this say more about me or would  a profile picture say more?

I have a friend who was in radio, when asked why he’d say, “Have you really looked at my face? It is a face for radio.”  I can understand that, and yes I had looked at his face.  He was right in his perception, but does that mean he shouldn’t have been on camera?

When I was a teen, I didn’t mind being in front of the camera.  As I grew older, lost my chin, saw the slight bags under my eyes, which aren’t so slight now.  The puffiness of my cheeks and those pesky little hairs on my ear lobes and tragus, the same hairs I swore were so gross when I was a child are now a pain in the ass.  I remember looking at those old guys who had hair growing out of their ears… GROSS with a major emphasis on GROSS!

Now that guy with the hair on his ears is me. 

To Profile Pic or Not – that is the question that faces me.  I think a profile picture can say many things, but does it have to be a head shot? Action? Cute, Cuddly shot?

What should your profile picture say?

The 30 Standard Facebook Profile Photo Styles

30. This is Me Shot This is by far the most popular Facebook profile photo. It also happens to be a classic portrait photo. The picture is head on and you can see every aspect of their face, from ear to ear and from chin to forehead. You can clearly see who the person is. There is nothing more simple, and nothing more human than the this me shot.

8 Tips: How To Choose the Right Profile Photo | Almost Savvy

Doesn’t need to be fancy – You don’t need to rush out and schedule a session with a professional portrait photographer. Having a friend take a photo of you in front of a solid background should be fine as long as the lighting is sufficient. Word of warning – Whatever you do, have someone else take your picture. Do not, under any circumstances, let me see you taking your own photo in the bathroom mirror with your phone.