Planning my trip to the 17th Annual At Home Dads Convention

I’m working on my plans for the 17th Annual At Home Dads Convention near Washington DC in October.

I don’t fly. Okay not quite true. I will but it needs to be a flight of more than 6 hours and be a non-stop flight. Why? I don’t like flying. In order for me to fly the non-stop is very important. If it is a short flight I might be able to do it. Less than 3 hours… perhaps. 3-6 not a chance, unless I am going to be drugged.

Anxiety! I don’t mind the in flight part, it the lets get it up and then get it down. I’ve flown 18 ours to the RSA, simple. From KCI to ATL, I dealt with it, sorta – had a quick in flight wine, it helps. The next leg was the long one, so I took a Lunesta and off I went. My wife was with me so she could get me going when it was time.

The trip from KCI to DC is short, I’ll be going by myself and I won’t be flying. I’d consider driving if I wasn’t the only one driving. Which means I go to my favorite type of transportation other than driving. I walk… no Amtrak.

Last year my family and I went to LA – took the train. It is something I’ve done 15 plus times. I like it, simply get on and ride. Need to take a walk, have at it. Wanna get a steak… they have those but they are a bit pricey. Wanna meet people, go down to the lounge car. That is why I like to take the train.

I’ve been to DC once before so I am looking forward to seeing more. When I was there last, I was in a big hurry and had a lot to do, so I didn’t see much.

What I’m looking for is meeting other #SAHD (#AHD). I was very surprised to see that the conference was in its 17th year. I was really surprised. It just didn’t seem like the topic or issues of #SAHD would have had that much attention 17 years ago.



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