The Battle for the Bedroom!

Gretchen Room Disaster
Gretchen’s Room Disaster

Is it too much to ask a nearly 5-year-old to keep her room clean? Not spotless but at least organized enough that you can walk through it without stepping on a crayon, marker, hair clip, doll, toy “CD” player or many of the other things I have stepped on over the last year. I’ve broken about 50% of the things I step on.

My wife has tried to help DD clean up, but now DD thinks that she can’t clean without help. I on the other had don’t like the idea of helping DD clean up. I’m more of a don’t want to clean it, then I will and I don’t keep things. I get rid of them. DD doesn’t seem to care if we get rid of things.

I’m think of packing up all the stuff and taking it out to the shed and locking it away. I feel it is time to strip the room down to the basics, bed, dresser and bookcase. I might leave a few books and toys but I just don’t think DD will keep them picked up.


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