I’d rather travel by train (Amtrak)

I’ve traveled to Canada and Mexico by car. I’ve only travel out side of North America once. My wife

Amtrak Superliner
Amtrak Superliner

and I traveled the Republic of South Africa with a tour by Africa Deluxe. It was nearly a 19 hour flight and I don’t like flying. I’ve flown domestically less than 10 times and as a child I liked it. Somewhere around the age of 17 – I didn’t like it.

As a result, I’ve chosen to travel by train.  Sometimes that isn’t always the easiest thing to do.  Amtrak really only goes to major cities and it does take time. Most of the time the cost is comparable to the airlines.    You also have the option to have a sleeping car, but the rooms are costly. Which is why i’ve never had a sleeper. It does sound fun and would add to the experience but the cost is what has stopped me.  Besides the leg room in coach is ample and the seat are comfortable.

Topeka to Chicago is just about 10 hours by Amtrak and about the same by car. By train I don’t get wore out, my back doesn’t hurt and I can go to get food or go to the bathroom when every I want.  I get to meet people, stretch out my legs, get up, walk around and have a nice meal. I get to see some wonderful scenery and again I don’t get wore out.

Amtrak Cardinal Line – train #50

My upcoming trip from Topeka to Alexandria, VA is the first time I’ll go on the Cardinal line, train #50.  I’ll see a new part of the US and get to ride a line I’ve never been on.

I’ve done the Topeka to Chicago and I’ve enjoyed the trip.

On the way back I’m going to be taking a little bit of a different route and it’s also a train line I haven’t ridden before.

Amtrak Capitol Limited – train #29

I’ve seen part of this route before when I took the train from Topeka to Hartford, CT.

Why do I travel by train? It is family friendly, fun, relaxing and an adventure.

If you ever get a chance to travel by train, do so. You’ll enjoy it.

Amtrak Cardinal Dining Menu – Amtrak Menu


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