37 hours and Eating on the cheap

The Cardinal line operates between
New York, NY and Chicago, Il.

I’m about to start my 37 hour journey by Amtrak to the 17th Annual At-Home Dads Convention October 6, 2012 – Washington, DC/Alexandria, VA. Yes, 37 hours – give or take.  I’m really looking forward to the trip. What will I do on the train? I’ll be able to read, eat, sleep and meet people. Even a chance to work on a presentation I’ll be giving at the Topeka Podcamp on Oct. 13th.

37 hours may seem like a long time for the trip that could be driven in 24 hours by two people. Those two people would be totally exhausted.  I may will/be a bit tired and I’ll want to freshen up but I could get out and go sight seeing if I wanted.

The lounge car is a great place to meet people and to see the sights.  One of the best parts of riding the train is that I can take some or all of my on food.  I’ll be packing a bit of food along and make a quick stop at a Subway or somewhere else near Union Station. There are plenty of eateries around Union Station in walking distance.

The cost of eating on in the Dining Car of the train is a bit high, but it is worth it.  You have the opportunity to dine with others and that is one of the best parts.  The food is good, not amazing but not cafeteria food.  Amtrak has the menu for each train available on their website.


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