10 Reason I went to the 17th Annual At-Home Dads Convention in Washington, DC, Alexandria, VA

17th Annual National At-Home Dad Convention


  • I met other dads who have faced the same societal stereotypes I face. How they’ve dealt with them and how they continue dealing with the stereotypes.

  • I heard dads describe the changes they faced in adjusting to their new role as the at home parent.

  • I learned to much, really I did. Okay, not really as there is always more to learn.

  • The workshop by Dr. Rene Hackney provided me with parenting strategies, information and resources to help with my at home dad role. (The workshop didn’t just apply to dads.) (Founder and creator of Parenting Playgroups)

  • Hearing from the Director of Boston College Center for Work and Family, Dr. Brad Harrington, was to informative and to interactive. His Q&A session provided opportunities for connecting with other dads who face the same challenges. Dr. Harrington is the lead author of 3 studies on fatherhood, The New Dad, including one on at-home dads released in June 2012

  • The breakout session on Building and Maintaining an At-Home Dads group opened my eyes to the challenges and difficulties in connecting to others in my area, and it gave me strategies to use to make those connections.

  • The Dads and Daughters, What We Say, What They Hear – was useful as a dad with a daughter.

  • I learned that the Smithsonian has free online resources, how to use them and use them with children of all ages.

  • Gotta Eat, Can’t Cook blog and picture book series by Bruce Tretter is a great resource.

  • The opportunity to meet, hear the experiences and make connections to other dads that are part of The National At-Home Dad Network (Facebook Page) and learn more about the upcoming 18th Annual At-Home Dads Convention in Denver, CO presented by The National At-Home Dad Network.

There are many other reason, but these are my tops.

I’d also like to thank the following people for their support in helping make it possible for me to attend the convention.

My wife, Natalie and daughter Gretchen.

Beth and Rachel who nominated me for the Brian Dickson Memorial Convention Scholarship to help me attend the convention.

Ruth, Jocelyn, Sandra and Mike, Richard and Carol, Beth (again), Deb and Tom, Alba and Chris for their help with childcare.

Wanda who made ends meet so I could attend the conference.

Al Watts for giving me a place to crash until my room was ready.

Chris Routly (Author) for helping with split the cost of the room.

Hogan Hilling, and Tim English, along with Al Watts, who welcomed me my first night in DC with Fish & Chips and great conversation.

Bill E. for his great slide show.

Thomas S. for showing me that I’m not the only dad with my family situation.

All the attendees of the convention who make the convention what it is.

Mark Bindler and Greg Frantz for their help with equipment problems. Greg also gets thanks for taking my to Union Station to catch my train.


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