A time to learn, make mistakes and be twits. – Forgotten and Forgiven

It has been 26 years since I graduated from high school. In that time I’ve only talked with 2 of my former classmates.

One lives here in the same town as I do. We both worked for the same business when we were in our 20’s. Which is really the only reason we kept in touch. He has since married, moved on in a different direction and we rarely bump in to each other.

The other is a classmate I asked to prom. We’d planned on going and then it didn’t workout. That is how I remember it, I don’t remember why it didn’t work out and I don’t recall having hurt or bad feelings about it. I also don’t remember having much contact, if any, after the prom with this person.

Prom in the 80’s

Last week, out of the clear blue, that person contacted me. I was surprised the email said “I have been looking for you for a long time to apologize.” Which through me off even more, why would they need to apologize? What had they done? Did they do something that I didn’t know about?

Of course this perked up my interest and I had to go back to my year book and refresh my memory. 26 years and no contact with a person, the memory becomes fuzzy. The email was from an integrated email provider that connected the profile to their account. It had a picture icon and while it had been 26 years, I still remembered the face but not why she’d feel the need to apologize.

I emailed her and let her know that I was the person she though she’d reached. Then she emailed back explaining that when I asked her to prom, she’d said yes. Then she decided not to go. Then she decided again to go and instead of getting back in touch with me, she took a friend. She said “That was seriously lame and I am truly sorry. There are no excuses, there is only regret, for being a twit.”

I appreciate her apology but am still mystified that she’d feel the need to do so 26 years later.

Is there any length at which an apology isn’t necessary? Would it have been more necessary if we’d kept in touch? I can’t really answer this. I’d forgotten what the reason was we hadn’t gone to prom together. I ended up going with a girl named Holly, a friends younger sister. It was just two friends going on a date.

I’m confused about why someone would feel need to apologize 26 years later, at least when it was something like this. being a teenager is  time to learn, make mistakes and be a twit.

Again, I do appreciate her reaching out to apologize.


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