Jawbone UP V2 – not so Up – Review

I’d planned on writing a review of the Jawbone UP.  I still plan on doing it, it just isn’t as positive as I’d planned.JAWBONE UP magnified_mintgreen

In December I ordered 2 Jawbone UP bands. One for myself and one for my wife. The first month neither of us had any issues. Then this last week just a few days after the recent App update my wife started having a few issues syncing her band.

Then on Tuesday her band quit working. Just stopped, wouldn’t charge, no lights – no nothing.  Mine is working but my concern is for how long.

Jawbone had issues with the Jawbone UP V1 and it was a disaster. So you might ask why I wanted to give it a try, their commitment to their Jawbone UP V1 customers was impressive. They gave refunds, made replacements and revised the product coming out with Jawbone UP V2.

I’d like to say that I feel their support and commitment to their current customers isn’t as impressive this time.  I made a support ticket last night and then followed up with a call to their support line. I spoke with one of their support staff, Elena. When the call ended I felt the issue with my wife’s band would be resolved quickly.

  • An email confirming our conversation.
  • An email giving me the return address and what to send back.

    Appears I’ll be waiting for this email a few days. After a return call to their support line, I was informed it might be a week before I’d get the email telling me where to send the UP Band for replacement.  Due to the increased demand of new users and helping them set it up. Chris was nice and helpful, but frankly this isn’t the type of support they should be offering. 
  • Upon receiving the UP Band, Jawbone would be sending out a replacement a day or two later.I’ll have to see if they follow through as well as they’ve said.

Overall I’ve been pleased with the band and the concept.  It has tracked my steps and my sleep well. The App works well, create teams, the ability to track my food intake, set idle alarms, review my past performance and compare it to others on my team.   The feature I like pest is being able to track my sleep. Hours slept, deep vs. light sleep, how long it took me to fall asleep and how many times I woke up. My wife likes the feature also as she can get an idea about why she might feel drained or feel like she just didn’t get enough sleep.

I’d hope that Jawbone can get their customer support issues worked out. I’m looking forward to give you an update about their customer support and response to the failed band.


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