A new Kid and a leg broken in 3 places

This past Thursday morning, like every morning for the last three week, I peeked out to see if I could tell if our goat, Tink, had had her Kids. After throwing some treats over the fence and not getting her to come out of their little shed, I went out to check on her.

She had started having the kids, the first appeared to be still born, as the placenta was still being delivered and the little kid was warm but not breathing. So I rushed back in to the house, grabbed some blankets and towels. Headed back out and slipped on the bottom step.

Didn't think any thing of it, just felt sprained so I went on out with the blankets and towels. There was Tink and a little tan/black/white kid. He was up moving around and acting really strong. I walked back up to the house, much much much slower than I went out.

Natalie wrapped my ankle and I headed back out to make sure that the kid started nursing and that Tink wasn't rejecting it. Then Natalie took Gretchen over to her play day and came home to help.

My phone rang and it was our GP letting us know that Gretchen's lab work was fine. While I had them on the phone I told them about my ankle situation and they said for me to come in to the office. I knew my ankle was really swollen at this point, really swollen.

I called Natalie's dad and he came over and helped set up a pin in the garage in case Tink started to reject the kid or it was really cold. He also closed up the shed out side where she'd had the little kid, so that I could get out of it and up to the house.

Our nieghbor next door came over to give us a hand. At this point I knew that my ankle was really sprained and I wasn't goign to be able to walk on it with out some help. Nataie's dad brought over crutches and I used them get back up to the house. At this point I could no longer stand on my foot. Changed in to clean clothes, didn't want to head in to the Doctors office covered in goat stuff.

Natalie and I went in to see the Leanne, the ARNP at the office. She checked me out and then sent me down to get an x-ray…. from there things started to gown down hill. Sure enough I didn't have a sprained ankle, it was a broken leg, broke in three places. Of course all of them near the ankle. I was given a referall to Kansas Orthopedic's and Sports Medicine, where it was confirmed it was a broken leg and that it would also need surgery. Lucky for me they were able to get me in that evening.

So here I am two days, one surgery and lots of pins and a metal plate latter with my foot in a cast and propped up on a couple of couch cushions. No driving for at least 6 weeks, perhaps more, no ballroom dancing, gymnastics or tight rope walking.

Family, friends and church members have stepped up to help out with things and I know we all really apperciate it.