With the click of a mouse – I became a Dad again.

No, I didn’t order a child from Amazon, I hear they have everything.

In ’92 I was married, had 1 child and 1 on the way. Jump forward to ’94, we divorced.

’94 was the last time I saw either of the children. In 2K I allow them to be adopted by their stepfather. Wasn’t easy. Their mom and I still didn’t talk, bitter is putting it mildly.

’03 I remarry. Jump to ’07 we have a daughter. Jump ’13 daughter born in ’92 contacts me.

It’s a whirlwind ride…  I was shocked, scared, leery, suspicious – you name it.

Not sure how it is all going to turn out, but I’m going to do my best to be a good dad to both of my daughters.  They’ve met, so far so good. Doesn’t seem to be any issues with the little being jealous or the older one feeling resentment.

Missed birth control, not thinking, busted condom, lack of thought, getting your dates wrong, or the click of a mouse, all ways you could become a father.