Dads & Daughters

Lots of people have advice for dads when it comes to daughters.  Some good, some not.

It doesn’t matter what type of advice you get or give. Daughters and Dads all work differently.

I’m lucky. I have a wonderful life, a great wife, and two daughters I love.

About 19 years ago I made a decision that was very hard and has had a long-lasting impact on my life and that of my eldest daughter. I allowed her to be adopted by her step-father.  It wasn’t an easy decision and I’ve regretted in often.

My eldest looked me up and dropped me an email a few weeks ago. It took me a bit to realize that it wasn’t spam, that it really was her.  I’ve got a chance to be more than a biological parent. I have a chance to be her father, her dad – her friend.

Here I am in the present, with both my daughters, a wife I love and they love me.


I love you all!


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