My thoughts on AVEENO Men’s product line – love ’em

“I participated in a campaign on behalf of Dad Central Consulting for AVEENO®. I received product samples and a promotional item as a thank you for participating.”

 I’ve been a beard grower for most of my adult life, on and off. Mostly On… I’ve tried various shaving creams and had some luck and some bad luck. Which is why I’m always a little skeptical when I start using a new product. I’ve tried other bands that say they are for sensitive skin and I’ve had trouble with those. I’ve paid big bucks and still have had issues.

I read up on the AVEENO® products and thought I’d give it a try. Aveeno® provided a face wash, shaving cream and aftershave products to try. The first thing I noted was a pleasant smell. Upon looking I found it is OATS… and I love it. Not a perfumie smell, but a nice fresh smell that reminded me of the outdoors.

Normally I just rush in to the bathroom and shave. I thought I’d give the Aveeno® line a try by using all three products. I am pleased that I did.

Yes, I spent a bit more time getting ready to shave by using the face wash but it was worth it. The shaving cream provided a nice rich lather that wasn’t oily or greasy, a shave that was closer than with other products and I didn’t get bumps and cuts like I do when I’ve switched products in the past. What I didn’t have to do was spend time repairing my face.

AVEENO® Men’s™ is part of their ACTIVE NATURALS® product line which contains Oats as an ingredient which works to cleanse, moisturize and soothe men’s sensitive skin.

I agree, often when I shave with a new product, I break out or get shaving bumps. Not this time. Not sure if it was the face wash, shaving cream or the aftershave. One thing I did noticed was how my face felt hours later. I have a pretty scruffy face come 5 o’clock… even if I shaved at 3… What was even better was that my wife loved the smell and said my skin seems smoother and softer.

Of the three products I was provided the face wash and shaving cream are my favorite. I’m not a big aftershave person but I would recommend all three products. The price of the products is very competitive, sadly that sometimes dictates what products I can purchase. Will I buy AVEENO® Men’s™ in the future… yes.

More info on AVEENO® Men’s™ products can be found at –



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