AT&T Support Award Winning – A joke! 1hr 45min on hold?????

AT&T Award Winning Support?

Waiting over an 1hr and 45 minutes for support is not adequate nor is it Award Winning Support. A customer paying for 24Mbps and lucky to get 12Mbps isn’t a happy customer. Is this really what AT&T calls Award Winning Uverse Service? What is the point of paying for 24Mbps service?  Your competitors offer faster service at a comparable price. What keeps your customer base from switching providers? Making customers your priority, is what keeps a customer base. After the hold time and poor service I received today, I know that your customers aren’t your priority. Provide customers with quality service, fair price and adequate support and you’ll keep your customer base. Keep treating your customers as I’ve been treated today and your competitors will benefit. Customers have lots of options.

Today’s technology requires fast, quality service. Customers expect it. The average U.S. household has 5 connected devices, and some have 15 or more.* 42 Million U.S. Homes Are Connecting to the Internet through TVs or Attached Content Devices.** Connected Devices Now Outnumber People In U.S. Homes. ***

If AT&T wants to keep it customer base then it needs to start providing a quality product and superior support.

  Jeffrey Things wrong with ATT support:

  • Hold Times
  • Lack of native English speakers.
  • Most support located outside of the USA.
  • Semi-automated chat support system.
  • They don’t care!!

Things wrong with ATT U-verse:

  • Over priced.
  • Lack of adequate equipment
  • Current Gateway is outdated.
  • Equipment has not kept up with todays users and technology.
  • Poorly maintained infrastructure.

* Average Household Has 5 Connected Devices, While Some Have 15-Plus – Bloomberg ** NPD: 42 Million U.S. Homes Are Connecting to the Internet through TVs or Attached Content Devices *** Connected Devices Now Outnumber People In U.S. Homes

AT&T Speeds

AT&T Speeds