AT&T U-Verse is this how you bury a cable?

Considering all the trouble I’ve had with AT&T this week, I shouldn’t find this too much of a surprise should I? AT&T replaced the underground cable to our house back in June. This week I’ve fought with them to fix the internet speed issues we’ve had. Someone finally shows up to bury the cable and this is how they did it.

  1. Plan on having a stupid customer, then
  2. Break sidewalk,
  3. Cram cable in to crack,
  4. Cover with mud,
  5. Hope customer doesn’t notice

Nice JOB!

A_Sidewalk_1A_Sidewalk_2 A_Sidewalk_3B_Cable_Sidewalk_1 B_Cable_Sidewalk_2 B_Cable_Sidewalk_3